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Cast Member Description First Appearance
Smitty Smitty works at a legal copy shop. He accidentally kills his friend Chuck in a halloween mask stunt gone awry. Page 1
Chuck Chuck stole an alien technology transporter and made a halloween mask out of it. The mask backfired, causing his death. Page 1
Fiona Fiona is Smitty's girlfriend. She waitresses and dreams of playing guitar in a band. Page 4
The Agents Agents Wilson and Katsumi are two agents from the secret Paranormal Division of the Federal Government. They are very interested in Smitty. Page 6
Pamela Pamela is a friend of both Smitty and Fiona's. She self-publishes a fanzine entitled "All Pigs Must Die". Page 7
Phil Phil is Smitty's Grunge coworker at the copy shop. He dates a new woman every couple of days. Page 11
Ralph Ralph was Chuck's roommate, and fills Smitty in on some of the details leading up to Chuck's accidental demise. Page 16
Frank Frank is Smitty's genius half-brother. He is unhealthily obsessed with civil engineering. Page 24
Joe Joe Hemperman is a friend of Smitty's. His main interest in life is smoking weed. Page 27
Smitty Fisher is Copyright 2004 by Sam Roberts and Pete Morrissette. Don't steal our ideas or we'll break your fingers.
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